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82.50 Exchange Rate $5.50 Transition Fees

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Get World Class & Fastest Online Payment Service

We are a commercial bank that encourages and delivers sustainable economic growth that is profitable, environmentally responsible and socially relevant. Access all our services through the most convenient mediums, encourage a sense of ownership in all aspects of your business and develop requisite professional and ethical behavioural standards.

Low Costing

We are the bank of the free, no tax on withdrawals or deposits.

Safe & Secure

Money Networking made easier with Next Gen level security.

Live Support

We have a team of reliable customer service that replies messages in less than 24hrs.

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Our Services

Get Your NBKC Bank online

Mobile Banking

Mobile banking refers to the use of a mobile device to carry out financial transactions. The service is completely free and safe to use.

Secure Payment

Is simply a safer, faster, more secure way to pay online with, your payments sent directly to the third party

Saving Account

We give the best savings plan with very convenient percentages monthly.

Personal Savings

You could also decide to have a fixed deposit plan.

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Online Shopping

Shop Online Make In Online Banking Payments

3-phase security allows for quick reliable and safe purchases both online and at cash registers. Coupled with the fact that we do not have any fee for our ATM services. You can never go wrong with us

  • Cards that work all across the world.
  • Highest Returns on your Saving.
  • No ATM fees. No minimum balance. No overdrafts.
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Goal Setting

Manage Your Money With Online Banking Solution

NBKC Bank's Mobile Money service (a.k.a CentMoney), developed and delivered in collaboration with Star links enables customers to perform simple, secure and instant financial transactions using their mobile device on any network - anytime and anywhere. .

  • Learn To Budget
  • Create An Emergency Fund
  • Get Out Of Debt
  • Save And Invest Your Money