• These Terms of Service and any amendments and restatements hereof (the “Agreement”) form a legal agreement covering the provision of services from NBKC Bank to you, including offering a marketplace to enable buyers and sellers of “Digital Assets” (such term to be broadly understood to include digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Tether, and others, supported by a MCB Metropolis Capital Bank wallet) to engage in transactions with each other (the “Marketplace”), offering hosted digital wallet services, holding and releasing Digital Assets as instructed upon completion of a purchase of Digital Assets and any other services described in this Agreement (collectively the “Services” and individually, a “Service”) provided by NBKC Bank , Inc. and all of its affiliates, including but not limited to NBKC Bank UK, Inc.(collectively, “NBKC Bank ” or “we” or “us” or the “company”) to you as an individual (also referred to as a “user” or “you”). NBKC Bank.ltd and its related Services are owned and operated by NBKC Bank . Your use of the Services will be governed by this Agreement, along with our Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and E-Sign Consent available in our documentation page. NBKC Bank also offers hosted digital wallet services through a leading global digital asset wallet provider. Our worldwide userbase is able to post offers to either buy or sell Digital Assets in a variety of convenient methods. The creator of the offer is responsible for listing terms of the transaction, including the payment methods the Seller will accept. Once an offer is selected by another NBKC Bank user, the Seller’s Digital Assets are locked as part of our transaction procedures (which we refer to as “NBKC Bank Escrow”) until all conditions necessary to consummate the transaction have occurred. The sale is complete and Digital Assets are unlocked and released to the Buyer by the Seller once the Buyer has completed the terms of the transaction and payment has been confirmed valid and received by the Seller. NBKC Bank DOES NOT ACT AS A PAYMENT PROCESSOR. ALL LIABILITY FOR SENDING AND RECEIVING PAYMENT AND CONFIRMING THE VALIDITY OF THE TRANSACTIONS LIE BETWEEN THE BUYER AND SELLER. The Digital Assets we lock are released back to the Seller if the Buyer chooses to cancel the transaction. The Seller may not cancel the transaction at any point. The Seller only has the option to unlock the Digital Assets and release it to the Buyer. This is for the security protection for the Buyer. Should a Seller need to cancel the transaction due to a Buyer not following the terms of the transaction, they must start a dispute and provide a reason for doing so as further described in Section 8 of this Agreement. Transactions on our Website are conducted between the Buyers and Sellers. Accordingly, NBKC Bank is not a party to any transaction. The hosted digital currency wallet service provided by NBKC Bank is a secure method of storing, sending, and receiving digital currency. NBKC Bank does not store or custody any Digital Assets. Digital Assets are always stored on its respective networks or blockchains. All digital currency transactions occur within the digital currency network, not on MCB Metropolis Capital Bank . There are no guarantees that the transaction will process on the digital currency network. NBKC Bank reserves the right to refuse to process any transaction if required by law or if we deem the transactions to be against our terms and conditions in this Agreement. You hereby accept and acknowledge that you take full responsibility for all activities that occur under your wallet and accept all risks of any authorized or unauthorized access to your wallet, to the maximum extent permitted by law.